February 23, 2007 Storm Chase

Chased with Scott Bell today. We left thinking we would head west on I-40 and jog north towards Woodward, Ok or south towards Childress, Tx. I had been thinking the area from Woodward and just west of there would be the prime area. Once we got past Elk City I noticed that there were some cumulus going up along the dryline from just into southwest Kansas all the way down towards Big Springs, Tx. More importantly was the area of enhanced cumulus that was near Lubbock, Tx. Once we saw this we decided to head for Childress, Tx. From there we would be in good postition to get onto anything that came out of the enhanced cu field.

While we were going through Childress the first radar echoes began showing and just past Childress we were able to see some thin wispy anvils just after 4pm. A little after 430pm the cells began to show up stronger on radar and we centered in on a storm that was on the northern end of the area of showers and shown below.
and satellite and radar with position estimate for same time.

More storms were becoming organized just south of our storm and more cells were going up further south from there.

The storms werent quite as fast as I was expecting so we got into position fairly quickly. Looking west from between Hedley and McLean, Tx - we saw a weak updraft base.

And a little bit later, same storm, but from north of McLean, Tx

By this time, however, our storm was now basically in a bunch of other crap and becoming somewhat indiscernible so we questioned for a few minutes on whether to shoot south and get on a nice storm just a bit farther south. We were a bit hesitant but finally we started south. We were on Hwy 273 and we took that to Hwy 2473. From there we went about 6 miles to Hwy 1443 south. Luckily though we didnt make it far enough before we looked to our right and saw this!

We were within a couple miles of I-40. We pulled over for a couple minutes then decided to go ahead and backtrack towards the t