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This is the home page of Arkansas Storm Chaser Brian Emfinger.

I am a storm chaser for TornadoVideos.Net (TVN) and if I am out chasing you can follow me live through live streaming video at www.TornadoVideos.Net (then click on Live, then Click Here, then find my little car with my name on it). When I chase locally I am a chaser for 40/29TV in Fort Smith/NW Arkansas.

I have been interested in extreme weather and storm chasing for as long as I can remember. From tornadoes and severe storms to snow and flooding, my interests include any form of severe or unusual weather. I have been a TV photographer in Fort Smith, Arkansas for most of the past 6 years but have recently left that job to focus on going back to school to finish my degree and of course that will allow more time to storm chase.

Although I can recall driving my bike into afternoon thunderstorms as early as 1994 (when I was just 13 years old), it wasnt until 1999 that I began serious storm chasing. Along with storm chasing I love trying to photograph lightning and can hardly pass up even the slightest chance to try and capture a nice lightning strike. I am also interested in Astronomy and am nearly as obsessed with photographing meteors as I am photographing lightning.

Since moving to Arkansas from Mississippi with my family in 1989, I can't imagine living anywhere other than in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas -- even though it's not the greatest area for storm chasing! I especially love the varied weather that the mountainous areas experience and, while many storm chasers shy away from chasing in this area, I have no problems chasing day or night in “the jungle”. I am also a huge Arkansas Razorbacks fan and regularly attend games.

I have been married since 2003 and my wife Jennifer even occasionally comes with me on storm chases. Jennifer is a 3rd grade teacher at JC Westside Elementary and is pursuing her master’s degree in the hopes of being an elementary counselor. My wife and I intercepted Hurricane Katrina at Slidell, LA and I rank that event high on my list of the most extreme weather.

I am currently a storm chaser for 40/29 TV (Fort Smith, AR) but am mostly focused on chasing and live streaming with

My pictures and video have been seen and shown all around the world. Here is a listing:

ABC KHBS-KHOG 40/29 TV- Fort Smith/Fayetteville, AR (various pictures/video)
CNN (November 20, 2008 Fall Transition Time Lapse)
Science at NASA August 2009 Perseid Meteor Shower August 2009 Perseid Meteor Shower
CBS - Fort Smith, AR (at least a few times monthly for about 2 1/2 years)
The Weather Channel (Muskogee, OK Wall Cloud 2004)
The CBS Evening News (Oklahoma Ice Storm 2007)
Astronomy Magazine Website (Aurigid Meteor September 1, 2007) (Geminid Meteor Decmber 2006, Comet McNaught January 2007, March 2007 Lunar Eclipse, August 2007 Lunar Eclipse, Perseid Meteors August 2007, Aurigid Meteors September 1, 2007) (August 2009 Perseid Meteor)(March 3, 2007 Lunar Eclipse) (various pictures from various times)