Arkansas River Eagles - March 24, 2007

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After being couped up for the better part of two weeks following an accident my wife smartly decided we had to get me out of the house so we decided to drive through part of the Lake Dardanelle WMA (Wildlife Management Area). We saw lots of birds, turtles, geese, ducks, and even a little green snake hiding in brush.

We also were very happy to come upon a Bald Eagle nest. The nest of the Bald Eagle is pretty easy to spot because its very big. At first we couldnt tell if anything was in it but then after we focused on the nest for a minute we could see a bright white head just visible.

We listened for babies but we couldnt hear any. More than likely the eagle was either sitting on eggs or there will be eggs laid soon. Bald Eagles will usually mate for life with one partner (if one dies then the surviving eagle will find another partner) so we knew there must be another eagle around. Within about 10 minutes we saw the partner flying in....and carrying a small limb.

The eagle then swooped into the nest to join its partner.

The second eagle stayed for a few moments then left the nest and flew to a nearby tree (it had dropped of the limb apparently). For the next several minutes they were talking to each other. I had not heard a bald eagle before and was a little surprised at how soft and reserved their noises were.

Then my wife spotted another fairly large bird cruising around the area. It was a turkey vulture.

The eagles quickly took notice and the eagle that was in the nest took flight. Both of the eagles stayed close to the nest but you could tell they were making sure the turkey vulture knew they were there. They were making their calls while flying and they were zooming around pretty purposely. After a little while another turkey vulture showed up but the vultures never got too close.

While they were flying around, one of the eagles decided to turn completely around in midair. He put his feet out like hitting brake pedals, tucked in his wings, and spun around.

The turkey vultures slowly soared away and you could see the eagles relax. One of the eagles then left the area leaving just the one and then we left too. It was pretty cool to see the eagles in their natural setting. Since we know they will soon be caring for eggs and then babies we will stop by occasionally to check up on them and hopefully get some pictures of them feeding their babies!

Because of storm chasing I wasn't able to visit the nest as often as I hoped but in early June we checked back in and found this:

Arkansas River Bald Eagles VIDEO click here