February 17, 2008 Flooding
In the Ozarks of Arkansas

A waterfall above and not far from the Little Mulberry River and a deer (there are 2 more in the left center)

Low water crossings late Saturday night near the Little Mulberry River (Eldrige Hollow)

The picture on the left is the Little Mulberry River at about its highest (around midnight - 4 minute exposure in near pitch black during a 5 minute break in the rain!) and on the right is the Mulberry River on Sunday morning

These pictures are of High Bank Twins Waterfall near High Bank along the Mulberry River

I had visited the High Bank Twins Waterfall about a week ago and between now and then a tree was apparently struck by lightning and blown up!

This waterfall is near where HWY 215 along the Mulberry River turns to gravel (just above where the Little Mulberry River enters the Mulberry)