February 4, 2008 Storm Chase
In Eastern Oklahoma

Well the day certainly didn't go like I thought it might this morning. I didn't leave home till about 2pm and only then because I was bored. I saw some enhanced cu in Eastern Oklahoma and RUC was showing some precip breaking out in the same area later so I took off. I took I-40 all the way to the Muskogee Turnpike and headed north there as I saw the best towers of the day up that way. That one shower developed North of Muskogee but it didnt last very long. I saw enough of the dryline putting up towers so that I decided to stay in the area in hopes some convection could get started. Below is the brief shower north of Muskogee and a little Dryline CU at sunset.

A few hours later a little storm developed just NW of Tulsa. I don't even think I saw any lightning with that one but some that developed to the NW of it did. I then took a nap in Pryor and when I woke up I saw some new storms to my South and so I took off after them. The road options werent going to be able to get me in front of the storm without going straight through so I decided to sit on the northern edge of the storm on Lake Hudson and I was rewarded with some nice lightning while the storm was strengthening. I sure messed up that first pic!

The storm actually looked pretty good on radar. As the storm passed hwy 82 I got to get around it but got on Scenic Hwy 412 instead of the turnpike so I lost it but up by Jay I got some more nice pics as it left me.