Random Pictures
February - March, 2008

Iridium Flare - February 24, 2008.

A -6 Iridium Flare with the brightest star Sirius showing at bottom middle and the constellation Orion showing in the top right..

Birds from home - February 22, 2008.

A Red-Bellied woodpecker, a Eastern Bluebird, and two Pileated woodpeckers.

Little Mulberry River - February 10, 2008.

High Bank Twins Waterfall - February 9, 2008.

Took my first trip to High Bank Twins Falls just off the Mulberry River near the High Bank river access. It wasn't running much but the area was still impressive. On the way out of the canyon I got the pictures of the fungi.

Petebear Falls - February 9, 2008.

This waterfall is along the Little Mulberry River and was un-named...so we named it after out first baby - Petebear (our Chiahuahua). The height is about 20 feet..

Freezing Fog - February 8, 2008.

Heavy Snow - February 7, 2008.