Random Pictures
from December 2007 - January 2008

Frozen Waterfalls(01/27/08)
In the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas - 5 miles southeast of Pettigrew in Madison County

The picture on left is above the Mulberry River near Byrds and the picture on the right...well I noticed after I while that I was being watched!

Melting Ice(01/24/08)


Downy Woodpecker(01/24/08)

The Arc de Triomphe(01/19/08)

These Cirrostratus clouds immediately reminded me of the famous French arch.

Roadrunners and Kingfishers (01/19/08)

The Kingfisher was spotted while stopped taking a picture of the look-a-like Arc de Triomphe cloud. The roadrunner was pretty funny. He would turn left and right and ruffle/raise his feathers on top of his head. He was definately telling us to get lost or else.

Sunset and Fog (01/12/08)

Sunset and Fog shortly after a rain

Chipmunk (01/11/08)

I noticed our cat at a window and while I have seen her doing the stalking thing before I have never seen her tail flicking as crazily as it was this day. So I go to the window and immediately see her target only a few feet away.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk? (1/11/08)

I think this is the Sharp-Shinned Hawk but I am not 100% sure. This thing was perched right above our house. I think it was trying to have a little bird meal but my dog who was going nutzo barking at it eventually scared it off. It was shrieking the whole time as it flew away.

Bald Eagles (1/5/08)

We went back to check on a couple of resident bald eagles and saw 3 out of 4 (the mom/dad and one of the nearly 1 year old juveniles)

Quadrantid Meteor Shower (1/3/08)

This is suppose to be one of the best showers of the year but I only saw a handfull and only caught one with my camera.

SNOW! (12/26/07)

We got snow most of the day but the temperature stayed just above (32.3!) so it didnt stick so we only managed a heavy dusting as it continually melted.

Frost Flowers (12/25/07)

This is the perfect time of year for the formation of Frost (or Ice) Flowers. The conditions for the formation of Frost Flowers are pretty simple: a unfrozen wet ground + below freezing temperatures at the surface. They form just above the ground surface around stems of plants, shrubs and even small trees. They are formed as sap and water in the stem of the plants expands (water expands when frozen), causing long, thin cracks to form along the length of the stem. Water is then drawn