Ice Storm 2007

Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma were slammed by several rounds of heavy rain and freezing rain/sleet during the weekend of January 13-14, 2007. Freezing precipitation fell mainly west of a Bella Vista to Fayetteville to Sallisaw line while heavy rain and flooding affected mainly Western Arkansas.

These first 3 pictures were taken in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I actually witnessed the car in picture 3 drive around a police barricade road closed sign and drive down the flooded road. When the water got halfway up the car they decided to turn around but on the way out the car began to float and spun to where you see it in the picture. Rainfall totals in Fort Smith were over 5 inches!

Video of flooding and the car floating

The rest of the pictures are taken from the area of Haskell & McIntosh Counties in Oklahoma. That area of Oklahoma had anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches of freezing rain with even locally heavier ammounts.

Video of Oklahomas Ice Storm 2007